digital twinning

single model - endless possibilities


see for yourself what our digital twins can do
to supercharge your development!

guided presenter mode

pre-define your custom walk-through to explain the development to anyone just the way you want it! We developed a balanced user experience pairing step-by-step guided presentaitons with complete freedom of interaction.

You can set up multiple presenter modes for different purposes and client gorups and continue to adapt it as the project evolves.

neighbourhood explorer

No project exists in a void! Immediate neighbourhood and connections to broader context are sometimes key differentiators that speak in favour of one project over the other.

Make it easy to understand for potential investors and highlight main points of interest and amenities in an interactive way!

rent & sales viewer

Offices to rent, apartments, retail spaces? Area, availability, features, price brackets? Make it crystal clear and easy to filter through available options using sales viewer built on top of the same interactive model that explains your proposal.

We can customize this interface to your liking depending on project specific needs.

accurate daylight simulatior

Preview daylight conditions across the entire year in a matter of minutes? It's possible with this georeferenced accurate daylight simulator option.

Amsterdam is not that sunny at all times but we can change the weather if needed - no problem!

conventional media embedding

Do you have existing media package: renderings, images, animations, brochures? 

We can embed them for you within the interactive model experience (and of course create this additional materials in-house to use across multiple media)

and the best thing?

we can make it accessible to anyone online and embed on your website at high fidelity
with pixel-streaming technology!